Special Programs


Name of Office Head (School Principal/Director/President)*
Program Being Applied For*
Proposal Justification. In not more that 1,500 words, explain how the identified program will meet the needs and concerns of your office/school for SY 2022 - 2023. Explain as well why did you choose to apply for the said program with Governometrics.
(Please note that she/he) will present the proposal in January 2022 as well as revise and serve as project champion is case of selection)
In not more that 800 words, explain the nomination process undertaken by your school or office as regards the final selection of representative. Clarify how the essessed qualifications of the representative meet the technical requirement of the selected program. Identify system of support that your office has devised to enable the nominated representative to complete the program. Provide as well the contingency plan of your office as regards its commitment to complete the program in case of the premative withdrawal of participation of the nominated representative.

Technical Proposal

After your office completes and submits its application, kindly email the following to partners@governometrics.com using subject: TLTF Application Papers - (School Name)

1. Project Proposal (Title, situational analysis, objectives, deliverables and implementation timeline till publication and post presentation activities)
2. SIgned certification of the Office Head/School Principal/Director and Finance Head/Treasurer/Accountatnt of the comparative financial, enrollment, and operations situation of the office in SYs/AYs/CYs 2019-2020 (before pandemic) and 2021-2022.
3. Submit applicaiton papers and project proposal between 1 and 30 December 2021.
4. Prepare for live 10 minute presentation of the proposal on designate time in January 2022.


This is to attest to the veracity and truth contained in the details of the submitted application and project proposal of the school for the selected TLTF program of Governometrics Management Consultancy Services. I am affixing my initials and providing the date of signing in this application form the said purpose

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